Attack of the Racks III


Classic Car Club Manhattan and CarPark teamed up for the first edition of the Gears on the Pier series for 2023. This time was a return to utility-focused vehicles with Attack of the Racks III. The meet was held on a frigid 6 degree fahrenheit Saturday morning inside the CCC garage.

Vehicles shown were required to have some sort of exterior cargo or utility rack. These included a wide spectrum of roof racks, bike mounts, camera rigs and a rule bending roll of tape.

The two most extreme vehicles on show were a late model Ford Bronco outfitted with tracks and a roof rack for snowboards. The other was an El Camino camera car with eleven mostly RED cameras fitted to a custom rig. This was probably the only rack that was more valuable than the car it was bolted to.

There was potential for this event to be just a collection of retro 4×4 and SUVs. However out of NYC’s automotive woodwork came a few vintage Porsches with ski racks, an Argentinian-themed 60’s MG A 1600 Coupe and a luggage rack topped 60s VW Beetle.

Photos and Text: Dave Pinter