Architecture | Pratt Shows 2022

Idil Sevimliturk & Polina Ustinova - Embedded Character(s): Urban Acupuncture


Pratt Institute’s main Brooklyn campus has resumed the annual student exhibitions following a two year switch to virtual programs because of the pandemic. Pratt Shows 2022 takes over a large portion of the campus with design graduates exhibiting in the 41,000 sq.ft. ARC building. There’s an overwhelming amount of work on display ranging from fashion to communications design. It’s the architecture students that pull out all the stops with the display of physical scale models encompassing a wide gamut of structure and environment designs.

Those in the industry know that non-digital models have mostly fallen out of the design process with the exception of using them as a sales or marketing tool. There’s also massive pressure on young talent to be software proficient more than design proficient so firms can quickly assimilate them into the Autodesk pipeline. It’s good to see the model building craft kept alive and there’s some pretty fantastic examples here.

Photos and Text: Dave Pinter