Luna Night | Tarform

Tarform Luna Night installation for NYCxDesign


Brooklyn-based electric motorcycle maker Tarform is near to the first deliveries their production bikes to customers in the summer of ’22. To celebrate the team collaborated with Luke Lamp Co. to create an evening installation adjacent to their fabrication shop to coincide with NYCxDesign. Located within the Brooklyn Navy Yard, the space included a window wall with views to downtown Brooklyn. The four night run was supposed to feature the blood moon lunar eclipse but NYC’s finicky weather had other ideas and the skies remained cloudy.

The bikes on display were two versions of the Luna model, a street worthy Racer edition and an off-road capable Scrambler edition. Both are hand built to order. The bikes have a familiar silhouette to the petrol bikes we know. However, there’s no exhaust pipes or clunky transmission giving these bikes a very narrow side section.

The installation was cool and fitting for Tarform brand which includes a sensory connection to nature and a keen appreciation of the meeting point of design and technology. Beyond the lighting, a deep ambient soundtrack played over the course of the evening signaling this was about as far from a Harley biker meetup as you could imagine.

Photos and Text: Dave Pinter