Lexus | CCC


The design transformation Lexus has undergone from it’s origins as a sedate Mercedes clone to the wild and sometimes polarizing design language of today is pretty remarkable. This was evident at a Lexus gathering hosted by Classic Car Club Manhattan that bought together a range of past and present models. There were two early ’90s Toyota Celsiors, the JDM version of the LS 400. Next on the timeline is the IS 300, the first performance focused sedan from the brand. The most current model displayed was a silvery-grey RC F featuring an aggressive application of the spindle grille and loads for exterior surface entertainment.

The star of the collection was the lemon yellow LFA. Outside of auto show stands, this is the first time I’ve seen on in the wild. It’s one of only 500 ever produced, so pretty rare. Getting to spend some time looking the car over, the rear taillight/vent combo stands out as a signature element of the LFA’s exterior. Had this been toned back, the LFA wouldn’t be nearly as distinctive or memorable.

Photos and Text: Dave Pinter