Heat Wave | Friedman Benda

Darren Romanelli [American, b. 1976] DRx Quilted Pillow Sofa, 2023


Friedman Benda’s summer exhibition, Heat Wave is correct context for the many 90+ degree days NYC now gets mid year. This group show brings together a familiar roster of FB designers and artists presenting work not exhibited in Manhattan before.

The collection thankfully steers clear of being a room full of all melty blobjects. Ini Archibong’s geometric table and low credenza are coated with hot rod metal-flake paint. Ceramics by Paul S. Briggs explore interesting spacial geometries inside stoneware cubes. And Darren Romanelli chair and sofa are covered in glitchy repurposed vintage quilts.

Photos and Text: Dave Pinter
Additional Description: Friedman Benda

Full Description

New York – Friedman Benda presents Heat Wave, a group exhibition opening on Thursday, June 29th. A celebration of the intoxicating energy during summertime in New York, Heat Wave embraces the joy and spontaneity of design. Relaxing the standard conventions for white cube exhibitions, the installation unexpectedly juxtaposes the diverse voices of the thinkers and makers in the gallery program. Offering more freedom to explore, Heat Wave aims to create new pathways for the viewer to discover works that have never been shown in New York.

Participating artists include: Ini Archibong, Andrea Branzi, Paul S. Briggs, Carmen D’Apollonio, Misha Kahn, Enrico Marone Cinzano, Hamed Ouattara, Darren Romanelli, Chris Schanck, Faye Toogood, Jonathan Trayte, and Thaddeus Wolfe.