Pratt Architecture | NYCxDesign 2023

X Damianos Master of Architecture, 2023


Pratt Shows is the annual end of the year student exhibition that includes both fine art and design. I headed back to the ARC Building located in the main Brooklyn campus to survey the 2023 collection of models from the architecture students. It’s consistently the best architectural model show in the city and offers a glimpse at what the next generation of architects might create.

The exhibition typically features a few large platforms with models from both undergrad and graduate students packed together. This year, the focus was more on smaller scale projects with fewer tall skyscrapers. The form vocabularies varied widely from rigid structures to freeform digitally generated shapes. I’m usually most drawn to the conceptual models as these are rarely created in the professional world anymore and tend to the most imaginative.

The only fault with Pratt’s presentation style is there’s little help connecting the model to the 2d board explaining the project. It takes wandering through the aisles and possibly spotting an image that resembles the model. For most of the images in the gallery below, captions are included with the student’s name and program when they were posted. Clicking on any image opens a lightbox revealing the captions underneath.

Photos and Text: Dave Pinter