Lamp Show | Head Hi

NF1 Sconce - Steven Bukowski


Brooklyn’s Head Hi is an art and design focused bookstore and cafe conveniently located a couple blocks from Seen.Today’s HQ. Since 2019, the front bookshop space has been transformed once a year to host the Lamp Show, an annual international exhibition of creative light fixtures. The 2022 edition features nearly 50 pieces from both seasoned and novice lampers (yes, that’s a real title).

The design of the fixtures span a wide spectrum from industrial design precision to hand made sculptures. An equally wide gamut is the choice of materials employed, especially for the more ready-made lamps. A browse around the exhibition reveals women’s stockings, a plastic cheese wheel from a shuttered market, a blender and a McMaster-Carr bucket each being repurposed into lighting fixture components.

Head Hi’s dedicated Lamp Show page has a nice studio shot of each piece. Most all of them are also for sale.