McLaren 765LT

Mclaren 765LT - Classic Car Club Manhattan


The pandemic hasn’t made it easy to host events, especially in New York City. Thankfully filling the void is Classic Car Club Manhattan with a series of fairly regular features of local and regional automotive eye candy. This particular evening featured a selection of hardware from McLaren of Northern New Jersey. The focus was this custom painted 765LT track weapon.

The LT designation refers to long tail but it might as well denote lightweight. It doesn’t take more that a glance to see the vast amounts of carbon fiber used on components throughout the exterior and interior.

Catching the last rays on sun inside CCC’s Hudson River garage was the two-tone paint scheme with an intricate peel-away effect on each side. What looks to be black paint spanning the front fenders is actually a deep candy red with a heavy dose of metal flake. No doubt it took days and days of careful masking to create the pattern.

Photos and Text: Dave Pinter